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Monday, November 22, 2010

Arigato Pak tutorial

WOOHOO!  I just picked up our Arigato Paks and am stunned by their beauty.  I feel like each one is a little gift, created by Stumptown Printers.  In the end, Cathy and I are doing the assembly ourselves.  This has become such DIY project through and through.  

So now you know when you buy your Celtic Charms CD, each one has been lovingly folded by Nat & Cat :)  

Although it's many steps, it's quite meditative to fold and fold and fold and fold and fold and fold.  In case you want to have a Zen moment too, here's my step-by-step tutorial:  

Arigato Pak 1 of 1000. 

Step 1 - Pre-fold all the folds. 

Step 2 - The first real fold. 

Step 3 -  Way easier than Ikea.

Step 4 -  A little nudge here...

Step 5 -  And a little nudge there....

Step 6 - I should have gotten a manicure.

Step 7- Almost there! 

Step 8 - It's tricky to hold the camera and fold the last fold. 

Step 9 - Now you see the 100% recycled text...

Step 10 - And now you don't.  Tada!  

Musicians have feelings too.  

There you have it - How to Fold Your Arigato Pak in 10 Easy Steps.  Now if you'll excuse me, we have nine hundred and ninety-nine more to go.  
 - Nat. 

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